Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ministry Ponderings

I just read Jane Els' blog of which she mentioned her ministry of "blessing vehicles." That would be a great thing, but definitely not up my "driveway." Right Dad?! Could have used her ministry years ago!

Now I am thinking. And yeah, it does hurt a bit. But, I was thinking that my ministry of late is the food I cook and deliver. I have seen people smile. I have seen them laugh. Ok, and not at my food. But, to walk into a place and see smiles makes me feel good. So, if I get something from that is that a ministry or is it selfish?

A ministry does not have to be boring, troublesome, painful, tearful, or fearful...right? Feel free to comment here.

I am not a new Christian, but I did not learn to give my will over to God be exact May 6, 2007. I believe it was around 9:00 pm. (Note: I still struggle on a daily, and, depending on the day or issue, hourly basis.)

Back to the ministry...I received a call from a lovely lady, Barbara, to whom I had delivered a lunch. Her day had been so busy that she did not get to eat that lunch until she got home after work. But, she called me and left a message that the lunch made her feel special. I was so happy about that. And, it was not the selfish kind of happy. Something very small that I was able to do had made another person feel good. God allowed that! He gave me a gift that enables me to make other people feel something good, something positive.

I am trying to never say no to trying to learn for His purpose. Now, He is leading me to the avenue of cake decor. That I had believed was only for talented people. You know the kind. People like my brother, who is an artist and musician. Like my mother, who has always been the cake decorator, quilter, seamstress. Like my dad, who no matter the numbers could always understand the math and then there was his platting by hand which is so incredible. Like my sis-in-law, Sonja, who can accomplish a master's degree, raise a family, compete in triathlons, teach, keep up with family, and still scrapbook. I had always felt I had nothing to offer God.

God quickly doused that fire of doubt and blessed me with the love of food. Not just the eating part, but the cooking of it as well.

So, today I grow that love into learning, creating, and delivering. Today I grow the learning into making things I never thought I could.

Today I grow.

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