Thursday, December 17, 2009

Facebook: To befriend, or not to befriend...That is the Question!

Just saw The Blind Side today. Walt and I actually got to go to a movie! It was terrific. Humor, sad moments and HOPE! For me, it is right up there with Facing the Giants, and Remember the Titans.

My Renovational Thoughts
Thursday, December 17, 2009

  • Blue dye on silver hair...not cute, at age 43!
  • Weather can be a great excuse to wear a great hat! (Covers bad color!)
  • Is it supposed to be this cold in Austin, Texas?
  • I need photography classes!
  • What are some people seeking when they reach out to a person on FB?
  • Saw a great cupcake trailer at Zilker Park tonight! Want one...someday!

Mark Twain (1835 - 1910)
     I adore Mark Twain. He said what apparently could no longer be held in check. I hear tell that his wife had to clean up some of his work. Today he most likely would not have been subject to such editorial judgment. If Mark Twain had a page on Facebook, whom would he befriend? Would people befriend him due to his charm, his wit, his "friends?" How would ol' Samuel have looked upon people who contacted him from his childhood, his not-so-long-ago past, from his future? Well, look at what I just found: look at the comment about keeping his tongue in check! Got my answer to some of my queries.

     In NO WAY, do I liken myself to Mark Twain. Questions just exist between my ears. During my renovation time of the day, I work things out in order to maintain or gain serenity. I am a big fan of Facebook, thus far (I reserve the right to change my mind!). I can keep in contact with the family brave enough to venture out on that technological limb. I can reconnect with former classmates and discover what wonderful people they have become. Then there are those who actually send a request in my direction. Bewildered, I, with GREAT hesitation, press the "add" button. As soon as I do, feelings creep up from my fingers into my arms and then rest atop and between my shoulders. What could those people possibly want in keeping up with this Jones? Looking at that, I just that? Some people need something about which to concern themselves; that is usually for conversation sake alone. Hungry? Have they simply not "et yet?" Am I about to be a pick with which they will remove flesh from their teeth?

    Some people need something about which to concern themselves; usually for conversation sake alone. Hungry? Have they simply not "et yet?" Am I about to be another pick with which they will remove flesh from their teeth?
     So, in a working moment, I look up another person who has been viewed by friends, foes, and plain ol' gawkers throughout the facets of his life, Willie Nelson.
Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you'll start having positive results.
Willie Nelson
There are things you have heard before, that you have been told before, and yet, that one time it all comes together and you just get it! It's like you have just heard it for the first time and you are so on that band wagon. Well, that was the way Willie's quote (though the thought is not original, it is still in his way)
Lesson learned today: I am truly indifferent about those who were not able to stand during the roughest winds which blew through the last ten years. I have been blessed with God, love, disease of all things fermented, cancer, financial devastation, and family and friendship of likes I never dreamed! I belong right where I find myself every day. Amazingly, today, I am NEVER alone. I can give of myself. I now look for the positive in things which in the past would have meant devastation for me. Don't get me wrong, life still sucks on some days. Always has, always will. But, today, I have a way to work it out, to check my pockets and find a grateful heart and happy thoughts - not resentments. Thank you God. In answer to my title question, it really doesn't matter anymore! I'm good!
Thanks for reading and have a great day!


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